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Why Do Men Chase Powerful Women Only to Knock Them Down?

It’s 2017, and I’m on Tinder, for better or for worse. I’m freshly broken out of a messy relationship with an awkward power imbalance where he was much older than me but somehow still intimidated by me. “You can do better” and “You’ll forget about me when you’re rich” practically became his official tagline as I studied writing at university and started getting the odd byline before switching up to “You’ll never find anyone better than me” as a manipulation tactic.

After becoming a self-made millionaire, the wife of her White business partner took her fo

After Becoming a Self-Made Millionaire, the wife of her White business partner took her fortune 

That wasn't the case for Jackie Cummings Koski. She decided to pursue FIRE (short for financial independence, retire early) in her mid-40s. Fast-forward five years later, and in 2019, she had a net worth of $1.3 million at the age of 49 — enough to leave her full-time job. Here's how she did it. 

A Single Mom Who Retired at 49 Says She Took 6 Steps to Reach Her Goal.png

A Single Mom Who Retired at 49 with $1.3 million took 6 simple steps to reach her goal

That wasn't the case for Jackie Cummings Koski. She decided to pursue FIRE (short for financial independence, retire early) in her mid-40s. Fast-forward five years later, and in 2019, she had a net worth of $1.3 million at the age of 49 — enough to leave her full-time job. Here's how she did it. 


What Adult Bullying Looks Like

When we think of bullying, we often imagine classrooms, playgrounds, and other places where children dwell. We imagine name-calling and teasing. However, while childhood bullying is a pervasive issue that deserves proper attention adult bullying is a conversation that also deserves more attention.


Is Your Partner Jealous Of Your Success?

Has it ever happened that you return home from work, looking forward to tell your man that you have been promoted sooner than most colleagues, and you are met with indifference (read: resentment)? Guess what? This simmering jealousy in couples is more common than you think.


Inspirational Women in STEM and Tech: Kristen Marie Rios On The 5 Leadership Lessons She Learned From Her Experience

Kristen Marie Rios is a multi-faceted woman. Professionally working as a civil engineer working in the construction industry at the heart of NYC. She is also an international swimsuit model & beauty queen, represented New York as Miss NYC and New Jersey as Miss Passaic.


Let's Normalize Black Girl Luxury

The only thing that sells better than sex, is luxury. The defining, pursuit, and curation of luxury has always been a cornerstone of marketing. Black people, especially Black women, are often marketed the lifestyle of luxury. But when it comes to partaking in such, there still seems to be a sense of shame or guilt.


They're Always Trying To Credit A Man For A Woman's Success

There’s a theory in Hollywood that two celebrities are better than one. Essentially, when two people who have fame and notoriety, their collective star shines even brighter when they’re together. It can make us regular folk question the validity of these relationships because there have been more than a few couples who have linked up for clout alone...


Meet Tera Carissa Hodges; Life Coach, Empowerment 

Speaker & Overcomer

We had the good fortune of connecting with Tera Carissa Hodges and we’ve shared our conversation below...


5 Ways Pathologically Envious Narcissists Undermine Your Success

Pathological envy happens to be related to one of the diagnostic criteria for Narcissistic Personality Disorder (American Psychiatric Association, 2013). Narcissists are said to be envious of others and yet believe others to be envious of them; they will often project this trait onto others and make their victims feel like the insecure ones. This type of envy, while common among narcissists....

10 Telltale Warning Signs Someone Is Being Jealous of You

We have all witnessed it or have made others feel jealous of us.More often than not, we tend to be jealous of those who we are emotionally involved with – husbands, wives, girlfriends, boyfriends, or partners in general. Sometimes people get jealous of those who are (or at least appear to be) more beautiful or successful than themselves. The most common....


Signs of Jealous Family Members and How to Deal With Them

Jealous relatives do exist, and they can cause a problem within the family overall. They are not an urban legend or a strange delusion. Family and all of our interactions with them are supposed to be a blessing. But if you....


How Your Brain Keeps You Believing Crap That Isn’t True

In response to a question about whether the Bush administration had adequate evidence showing Iraq was providing weapons of mass destruction to terrorist groups....


What to Do When You’re the Target of a Hurtful Office Rumor

When Caroline moved to a new city to take on a job at a company she was thrilled to join, she was surprised when she had a hard time building friendships and positive....

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Saving Flo Jo: Taking back a legacy

When Florence Griffith-Joyner signed up for her 1988 Olympic 100 meter trial in Indianapolis, few expected fireworks. But those who were there to witness her quarterfinal run couldn't comprehend...


5 Signs You’re Dealing With A Dangerous Female Narcissist

It is quite easy to overlook female narcissists and their even more ruthless cousins, sociopaths. Since female narcissists...


3 Toxic Ways Female Narcissists and Sociopaths Terrorize Other Women

Female narcissists and sociopaths are insidious, covert, and often underhanded in the ways they prey on their victims. Just like male narcissists, they lack empathy, are callous, sabotage others, and have an excessive sense of entitlement...


Unhealthy Vs Healthy Ways To Deal With Setbacks

Facing a setback is always painful. When you put in X amount of effort you except Y or Z results. When you do all of the right things, whatever that means for you, you don’t feel that you deserve...

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