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"Success Is Not For The Weak"

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“The most vicious lies will come from those jealous of your success.”

“Jealousy has a creative imagination.”

"Always remember, jealousy NEEDS to believe something bad about you, even if it’s a lie, just to feel better about itself."

“Insinuation is a tool jealous people use to plant negative beliefs about you and how you obtained your success, in other people's minds that aren't even true.”


“Stay away from people who believe you have to do wrong in order for things to be going just right.”


“Never defend yourself against the lies of a success assassin.TM  Your defense will give them intel they didn’t know and don’t need to know. Talk about how God did ‘it’ for you. It’s your blessing, not theirs.”


“Only surround yourself with people who believe in you and the favor that God has assigned to your life.”

"Jealous people spread the nastiest rumors."

"Jealous people will use lies, slander, rumors and insinuations to try to tear down or discredit your success all while doing everything in their power to build up their own..."


"Jealous people believe they are the only ones who can achieve what they have achieved, the right way."


"The most likely culprit of spreading rumors are: jealous exes, family members, frenemies, industry counterparts, mentors, and former business partners.”


"People who have won the right way don’t question how you are winning the right way."

"The only people who question your wins are the people who’ve never won or the people who didn’t win the right way themselves."

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"Pray for healing and deliverance for your accusers. Happy people don’t accuse others."


"Keep being successful. Don’t allow accusations to deter you."


"Change toxic people’s ability to reach you. Block them on social media and don’t respond to invitations where you know they will be present."


"Meet new people who are doing just as well as you or better than you. Successful people aren’t surprised by other people’s ability to be successful."


"Take time for self-care."


"Identify healthy, prosperous, positive ways to address the toxicity you’ve encountered..

Teach what you know and encourage others.

Write a book or start a mentoring program for other women."


"Set new goals to focus on that will further your success in every area of your life."

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